Monday, 13 October 2014

Barbecued meat: user manual health!

Barbecued meat: user manual health! - Enemy No. 1 BBQ: Food Poisoning, It's summer, and temperatures finally back after a spring at least difficult. 

And if that means the right - finally! - Enjoy a good barbecue, it also poses risks to health.
Indeed, if cooking on a grill in the garden, you do not have the facilities for your kitchen to prepare meals.
It is more difficult to fight against the bacteria in these conditions.

Some simple ways to cook barbecue without incurring danger 

Ideally, the meat goes directly from the fridge to the grill. If this is not possible, store it in a cooler.
In the cooler in question, keep well packed so raw juices do not drip onto other foods put inside meat.
Barbecued meat: user manual health!

Separate dishes where raw meat is raised and those who are used to bring raw vegetables very carefully.

You invite to a barbecue and you want to share the costs? 
Better to ask a small fee to propose everyone to bring a bit of meat. The money does not have respect for the cold chain.

Cooking meat barbecue healthy or not healthy? 
Barbecuing is rather a good idea at the base: the meat is cooked without fat or nearly so calories are limited.

If you see a barbecue as a meal that makes you fat, it's probably because you eat too many potatoes and fatty sauces. Just focus on salads to make it a true happiness that you cost not one gram on the scales!

However there is a downside to size to put the healthy side of the barbecue: it releases in meat carcinogens.
Two mechanisms are involved:

The fact that the fat from the meat falls into the fire, creating smoke containing polycyclic hydrocarbons, carcinogenic, which will be absorbed by the meat.

And that any meat heated at high temperature (thus the barbecue, but also to the pan!) Sees form compounds are also carcinogenic heterocyclic amines.

How to make the perfect healthy barbecue
There are solutions to avoid increasing the risk of cancer while enjoying a barbecue. Thankfully!
Extremely versatile with meat!
The barbecue is nice, but it's not a meal for every day.
As alternate cooking methods when cooking inside - all meat should not be toasted!
Think for example of the braising or in foil.
Marinate meat, for example in a little orange juice added mustard, spices and a touch of olive oil.
This greatly reduces the amount of carcinogenic compounds that form.
If you can choose your style, opt for a vertical grill.
It cooks food to the heat of fire or embers, but not to their direct contact.
If you already have a traditional barbecue and put the meat on the edges rather than directly over the hottest coals.

Remember that it's not just meat that can be cooked on the barbecue. Put some vegetables for a vegetarian meal, or a good pie. Fish also is interesting, but beware, the problem of formation of carcinogenic compounds is the same as for meat .